Wicker Park

1-maybe tomorrow- stereophonics
2-everybody is somebody- lifehouse
3-a movie script ending(acoustic)- death cab for cutie
4-how to be dead- snow patrol
5-lover's spit- broken social scene
6-retour a vega- the stills
7-flowers in december- mazzy star
8-when the day is done- the legends
9-when i goosestep- the shins
10-light switch- jaime wyatt
11-these days- mates of state
12-all i do- +/-
13-we have a map of the piano- mum
14-against all odds- postal service
15-strange and beautiful- aqualung
16-i know you are but what am i?- mogwai
17-the scientist- johnette napolitano and danny lohner (originally by Coldplay)

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